After spending a month in Togo I am back in Cincinnati. Returning to Togo after being gone for six months felt like going home. On July 17th I stepped out of the Lomé airport into the hot, damp, rainy season air, and was greeted by Melissa, Jess and Avery.  I felt a peaceful comfort wash over me, “I’m back home” — a testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness. During the first couple months of the year I lived in Togo I desperately wanted to go home. I could not fathom staying in such a foreign, unfamiliar place for one year. But by God’s grace at the end of the year strangers had become family and the unfamiliar had become home.

On the two hour drive from the airport to HBB I realized I had missed everything: the green, the mountains, the goats, the smoky smells in the air, the dirt, the heat, the moto taxis, hearing the sing-song intonation of the Ewe language… It was such a beautiful gift from God to get to go back “home” for a month. I was able to observe surgeries in the hospital, watch births, shadow providers in the clinic, help out with a VBS with over 500 kids, get the MK school ready for the start of another year, and reunite with many dear friends.

On September 25 I start classes at Galen College of Nursing with the intention of going back to Togo as a missionary nurse. I hope to be finished with nursing school in just under two years. I am obviously anxious to finish school and get back to Togo. But I can take comfort in that no matter where I am physically (in Cincinnati Ohio or in Togo Africa) where I am spiritually does not ever change. I am in Christ. In Togo and in Cincinnati my aim is the same, to make much of Jesus Christ and to delight myself in the Lord and serve him faithfully. And even though I am currently separated from my family who is in Togo, our spiritual location is the same, we are all in Jesus Christ. We are together. The spiritual unity we have in Christ surpasses any physical separation. Whether in the U.S. or Africa we are all laboring for the cause of Christ.

Please pray for:

  1. My Togo family – for energy, strength and encouragement from the holy spirit to continue loving the Lord and serving him faithfully
  2. My upcoming semester of nursing school – focus, motivation, and drive
  3. An eternal perspective – that I would continually be reminded even though I want to be in Togo, I must continue to see to serve God where I am now; in Cincinnati, in Christ